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INSIGNIA Wine and Beverage Cooler NS-BC2ZSS1

INSIGNIA Wine and Beverage Cooler NS-BC2ZSS1

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Store your wine and other drinks at an ideal temperature so they are ready when you are. The Insignia NS-BC2ZSS1 Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler with Glass Doors has two independent cooling zones with a digital thermostat control making it easy to choose the ideal temperature of each compartment. Perfect for a big gathering, you can store up to 42 total standard wine bottles. Or keep 21 wine bottles and 64 12-ounce cans cold using interchangeable wire and wood shelves. Plus, soft interior lighting and glass doors help you and your guests reach for the right drink every time. With a stainless-steel finish and low-E glass doors, this appliance is easy to clean and adds a modern look to any space. Party’s over? Lock the cooler with the included keys to keep your collection safe inside. Showcase your wine and beverage collection or reach for a drink at any time with the help of this dual-zone cooler.


  • Customizable storage options

    Stock up on your favorites and store 42 standard wine bottles. Or you can mix it up and store 21 wine bottles on one side and 64 cans on the other.

  • Dual-zone cooling

    Separate your wine collection from canned drinks with two independently controlled sections.

  • Interchangeable wire and wood shelving

    Use 12 wood shelves display your wine or three wire shelves to store cans or other beverages.

  • Glass doors

    Single layer, energy efficient, low-E glass doors display your beverages.

  • LED internal lighting

    Helps you find and select the beverage you want.

  • Electronic temperature control

    An LED control panel independently adjusts the temperature of each compartment. Beverage Zone: 34° F to 64° F (1° C to 18° C) and Wine Zone: 41° F to 64° F (5° C to 18° C).

  • Automatic defrost

    No need to thaw or chip away at ice buildup—the cooler automatically defrosts itself.

  • Lockable doors

    Keeps your beverages safe inside with the turn of a key.

  • Door alarm

    A buzzing alarm lets you know when a door has been left open for more than five minutes, helping keep your drinks cold.

  • Versatile placement

    Freestanding design and four adjustable feet provide flexible placement options.

  • Fingerprint-free stainless steel

    Easy to clean and always looks great in any area.

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